What’s Happening in Cowan?

July 31, 2016 in Editorials

Perhaps the first question to ask is WHERE is Cowan? Cowan is located in the center of Franklin County in Southern Middle Tennessee. Get off I-24 at the Monteagle exit and follow the winding road down towards Winchester, and you will soon find yourself in Cowan. Heard the expression, blink and you’ll miss it? There you are! It’s home of the Cowan Railroad Museum, which celebrates the area’s rich railroad history.cowan train

Coming down from the Mountain, turn right next to City Hall and go a block and you’ll find the Cowan Center for the Arts & School. Events happen at these two locations every month! Special speakers about Franklin County famous people and historic event, musical guests from nearby Sewanee, and much more!

Stay on the main drag and look left and you’ll see the Artisan Depot Gallery & Gift Shop, which has member shows and community shows beginning about every six weeks. Every Thursday evening there’s a jam session open to everyone from 7 til? Next door is T’s Antiques, which has a dozen different dealers, and has been in the same spot for decades. Look right and you’ll see Knickerbocker’s Old Time Soda Shop and their newly opened Antique Mall, a great place for lunch, ice cream treats and Friday night specials. Just across the street is Cricklewood & Company in its new location. This is one of the best-smelling places you’ll ever go in, family-owned and operated!

Turn left just before the railroad tracks and you’ll see the Fiesta Grill Mexican restaurant, and the Cowan Railroad Museum. Look right, just before you turn, and you’ll see Cowan’s welcome center, located in a 1930s garage. During warm months from April through October, every 3rd Friday a cruise-in happens next to this cute little Welcome Center. And there’s also the Monterey Station (once the Genesco Shoe Factory) where events happen quite often.

New arrivals opening soon are Chicken Itza, which will feature South American dishes made with, you guessed it, CHICKEN; and a new restaurant where the Corner House was for decades.

The third weekend of September, Cowan more than doubles in size with the Heritage Festival, held along both sides of the railroad tracks, featuring dozens of area musical acts, and vendors of all kinds. In the Spring, you’ll find Arts & Ales, a special fund raising event of the Franklin County Arts Guild, held at Monterey Station. Cowan also has special events for residents and children at Halloween, and a Holiday Market in November. There’s a lot happening in Cowan, so come over and check it out!