Warm Industrial Decor

September 28, 2012 in Editorials

The look of Warm Industrial includes all things rustic and masculine, including barn doors, pipes, metal baskets, worn leather and natural elements. Warm Industrial is the polar opposite of formal, and for those whose style it suits, it creates rooms that are wonderful for relaxing. GasLamp has a hearty dose of Warm Industrial scattered throughout its halls, including items that would look equally at home in an expansive loft in New York City or a cozy A-frame in Big Sur.

The comfortable and chic burlap poufs in the photo, right, are made from recycled burlap from coffee sacks ($250; Booth B-213). They fit perfectly into the Warm Industrial trend, particularly since burlap — a fabric made from the fibers of the jute plant — has a raw and unbridled personality. It has a coarse texture and open weave that is totally easygoing, which also fits Warm Industrial to a T. And one of the poufs features the British flag, which has seen a massive resurgence recently. This emblem for the United Kingdom is used in an irreverent move when placed on burlap, which is another tenet of Warm Industrial: Items used with an irreverent twist.

The architectural piece in the photo, left, would be like a crowning piece of jewelry for any Warm Industrial room ($495; Booth B-213). The worn quality of the wood has an earthy simplicity that fits into this modern decorating scheme. With its milky color, it would be easy to incorporate into a variety of color schemes in one’s décor; I personally think it would look lovely in a room full of whites and creams to create a vision of serenity.

The wire basket pendant light in the photo, right, is one of a pair that would bring character to a room ($550 for the pair; Booth B-213). I have seen these types of lights in Anthropologie, the women’s home and fashion store that makes you feel you’ve just sipped incredibly strong coffee at a Parisian bistro, then stumbled upon a charming flea market. It’s all about the personal details, and such pendant lamps belong among the array of unexpected items that can blend together into a cohesive whole. I love that these pendants are a chocolate rust color that has just a hint of creamy white paint peeling off of them.

Chicken wire, also known as poultry netting, is also found in the Warm Industrial look. The piece of chicken wire in the photo, left, has been affixed to an old picture frame to make a clever note rack ($38; Booth B-222). Talk about the ultimate “trash to treasure” assemblage. The Warm Industrial look includes many such items that are recycled, reclaimed and simply ravishing.

Of all of the design trends, Warm Industrial truly tasks a home decorator with dipping into his or her creative well. And you don’t have to live in a former factory, with 18-foot windows, to pull it off. It’s a trend that may have its roots in the lofts of Soho, but will look equally nice in that cottage in East Nashville.

By Karen Parr-Moody