Town Creek Antiques

February 28, 2017 in Editorials

Town Creek Antiques opened for business on January 7, 2017. The name was chosen to honor the historic settlement of Town Creek in the late 1700s, prior to its being recognized as the town of Charlotte, the county seat of Dickson County. The building itself, built in 1900, underwent two stages of restoration, and is listed on the National Historic Registry. A Tennessee Statement of Proclamation hangs just inside the front door, honoring the late Mrs. Sherry Kilgore, a local historian, who initiated the first stage of restoration over 20 years ago. Jan and Steve Middleton, current owners, completed the restoration between September and late December of this year.

Town Creek Antiques offers a peaceful atmosphere, plenty of country charm, and surrounds you with history. If you like those old things that “Grandma handed down to Mom”, you may just find something like it there. They offer quality antique and vintage furnishings, accessories, and selected furniture care and maintenance products.

Town Creek Antiques is located at 200 Dickson St., Charlotte, TN 37036, just one block from the Charlotte Courthouse Historic District on Hwy 49, and they are open Tues-Sat 10-5. Charlotte is just seven miles north of Dickson (via Hwy 48). Visit, follow them on Facebook or call 615-568-6710 for more information.