The “No Bar Code” Challenge

November 29, 2016 in Editorials

Take the “No Bar Code” Challenge this Holiday Season!

centerville-1Last November one of my young customers came in to April’s Attic with her mom, getting an early start on her holiday shopping. As a fan of all things vintage, Dylan was excited about an idea she had come up with. A “no bar code Christmas” was what she called it. Dylan was determined not to go to big stores and buy new products. She wanted to go to the small antique and specialty shops that she loved, and only buy special presents that either were handmade or came with their own history. What a great idea! It’s a natural way to build on the momentum of “Small Business Saturday” and continue to support the artisans and specialty shop owners. A groovy dress or hat from the ’60s, a dramatic piece of art glass, an old book or magazine on an interesting subject – all great gifts! Locally bottled wine, small batch soap or candles, or a piece of art no one else has – all great gifts! Dylan reported back after the holidays and told me that not only did she have fun finding each gift, she said everyone loved their presents and her idea. So take the “no bar code” challenge! Grab a Busy Bee Trader and a friend, and hit the road with your holiday shopping list. Good luck, have fun, and Merry Christmas!

April Podnar, April’s Attic Vintage Store, Centerville, Tennessee