The Nancy Louise Vintage Market

March 29, 2016 in Editorials

Celebrating Memories of Yesteryear 
at the Nancy Louise Vintage Market

The Nancy Louise Vintage Market is a unique sale in memory of an Appalachian Crafter, Master Gardener, Event Planner, Mother, Grandmother and Friend. This sale encompasses everything we love about her precious soul and combines anything you could ever want from your grandmother’s house and Pinterest combined! The Nancy Louise Vintage Market promises items that are unique, antique, upcycled, funky junk, shabby, rustic, repurposed, vintage, handmade and homegrown. The Vintage Market will take you back to those wonderful days of sitting on the front porch swing sipping sweet tea from a mason jar, taking time to enjoy nature and each other with guitar picking in the background.

It has been a decade since our beloved grandmother passed and the reason our annual sale is Friday, April 15 3-7 p.m. CST, $5 admission; Saturday, April 16, 9-4, $2 admission. The sale will continue to be the 3rd full weekend of April each year, not to mourn her passing, but to celebrate her life in a way that would make her proud. We have hand selected artisans to provide our family, friends and fellow old soul American’s with the most accurate portrayal of our memories from childhood and to offer that sense of nostalgia we often seek. Take a step back in time to the days of canning green beans on the back porch, using a washboard to scrub out stains, making soap, candles and drinking water from the well.

Hydrangeas and hummingbirds were two of Nancy’s favorite items, and the reason we chose those symbols to represent our Spring Sale. It is with honor to have planned such a unique sale and to see our dreams come to fruition. We wish to share our heritage and memories with all, and are proud to be one of the First Families of Tennessee. The Nancy Louise Vintage Market will be held at the historic Bayless Homestead Farm, a picturesque farm just 6 miles west of Pikeville and 6 miles east of Fall Creek Falls State Park North entrance. This event will be rain or shine, so put on your favorite pair of boots, dress, overalls or whatever floats your fancy for The Nancy Louise Vintage Market. Bayless Homestead Farm, 34212 State Route 30, Pikeville, TN 37367,, Rachel, 423-448-9036, Melissa, 423-413-3778.

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