Thanksgiving Memories

October 28, 2013 in Editorials

People who love antiques are all about memories, history and to some degree, have an addiction to the thrill of the hunt for the next treasure. Thanksgiving is also about memories, history, being thankful and having an addiction to the thrill of what you will hunt on the Thanksgiving table!

Having lived for 20 years in Texas before moving to Georgia, I still think fondly about the Turkey Trot 10K race (6.2 miles) that I’d run on Thanksgiving Day, with hundreds of other like-minded people, then go home and have a meal for 16 people on the table by 12:30 p.m. In those days I was SO organized! I also remember the time a local Dallas radio station thought it was a good idea to drop live turkeys out of a helicopter, to people waiting, hoping to catch one.  The event was disastrous, as everyone witnessed that turkeys can’t fly!

A very meaningful Thanksgiving was spent with my family serving homeless people a bountiful meal. What I still remember are the soft spoken “Thank You” words of gratitude from people who had stood in line for hours for the special meal.

Working now in an antique market, some shows have been held on Thanksgiving weekend.  Dealers who are away from their homes and families for the event, usually have a bond that makes them feel like they are with family and the air is festive.

Continuing the festivity all year long, I sell bodacious turkey brooches! They are around four inches tall and wide, and are made of Czechoslovakian crystal – truly stunning! A male customer wears it on his tie – one lady paid extra to have three of them mailed overnight to her home. The adornments are conversation pieces and put smiles on faces! With regular postal service, they are in limited quantities, at $125 each, no returns. I’ve been selling At Scott’s Antique market since 2001. May we all lift up our voices in a “song of Thanksgiving and praise”!

Every second weekend, Patti can be found in her booth, Salt of the Earth, in the South Building of the Atlanta Expo Centers. Be sure to stop by and she what unique pieces she has brought with her and see the new hat she’s wearing. For more information on Scott Antique Markets, visit or call 740-569-2800.

By Patti Wheeler