Take a Stroll in Antiques by the Fountain

April 30, 2015 in Editorials

While planning your spring excursions, pencil in Antiques by the Fountain just off I-75 South, Georgia Ext 353 in Ringgold. Go one block to 4039 Cloud Springs Road and you will see this special shop at the foot of the hill facing Cloud Springs Road. Spring, summer, or anytime is a good time to visit and browse through one of my favorite shops. There’s lots of pretties coming in and going back out daily, and the vendors there tell us its that way most of the time. Carolyn Foreman, owner of Antiques by the Fountain, joined Rita Lamb as a partner in the shop in 2010 when they were located behind the Cracker Barrel in Eastridge. In 2012 they moved the business to its present location and Carolyn Foreman became the sole proprietor.

Carolyn had a number of booths and had been buying and selling antiques and collectibles for approximately 20 years. She was ready and excited for the new challenge of owning her own business. Carolyn loves primitives – particularly furniture that many want to change. She told me she looks for American furniture, particularly those uniquely made by early craftsmen from 1800s to early 1900s. The good solid pieces from cherry, pine, and walnut are some of her favorites, with more simple lines.

Carolyn told me, “I love everything pretty! I look for pretty lamps, paintings, wooden pieces – unique things crafted from one piece of wood. I love the older Bisque items including figurines – those with no shine to them.  I like to find things that I can use to decorate and add to a room. When I’m looking at investing in these rare and fine pieces,  it has to be something I might would take home with me. I like to find my furniture in its original state and clean and wax it back to its natural beauty,” Carolyn, like all her vendors, keeps her eyes open and her thoughts on what her customers buy and are seeking to find as well. They all contribute many things that can be repurposed, painted, collected and are from many time periods. When they are staging their booth, they think of how their selections can be used in your home, porch, office, cabin, yard or quaint cottage getaway, even if its at the beach.

As you walk through Antiques by the Fountain, you’ll enjoy each booth. Each dealer has a unique taste for many things, and adds to the enjoyment of gathering ideas when you are making changes and decorating.  There’s just things that you know are perfect for that nook or wall space in your own home, and it’s ready for you to take home and make it your own. Some furniture pieces you know at first glance, they are going to add that finish and warmth you’ve been trying to accomplish.

Antiques by the Fountain’s staff all share their love for antiques and all look and specialize in numerous and different one-of-a-kind items. Her store manager, Leon Babb specializes in anything rusty, but they’re not rusty but ready to use when Leon brings them in. He has great finds in his “man-tikes” booth. Margaret Long does a great job posting pictures to Facebook for everyone. Sandra Nicely posts things on Craig’s List occasionally for any their dealers that might want to try that way of selling. Her husband Brent and she have a booth where you’ll always find beautiful silver and silverplate pieces. Brent loves to find silver-plated selections and research its value and history. Paulette Huddleston manages on weekends. You will find Donna, Sharon, Sandy and Wanda at the front desk different days volunteering throughout the month and they’re always friendly and ready to welcome you or guide you if you’re searching for a specific need.

By Maxine B. Jones, Ocoee, Tennessee

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