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March 30, 2015 in Editorials

There’s a reason the Scott Antique Market has been in Atlanta almost three decades … in fact, dozens of reasons. If you haven’t visited the monthly antique market in awhile, the dazzling array of antiques, collectibles, people, fabulous food, and all around atmosphere of joyousness awaits your return. Besides, it’s a marvelous walking-for-exercise opportunity!

I know. I know. Atlanta boasts so much to do, everything requires travel on the dreaded interstates, too many choices, antique stores and malls are everywhere, etc. But designers and decorators use the Scott Antique Market for their one-of-a-kind finds, and dealers fly from Europe just to peruse the thousands of dealer booths where they can actually discuss purchases with the owners themselves.

At the Scott Antique Market, meet the dealers. Learn. Savor. Wander. If you can think of an item, it’s there – somewhere. Do you desire glass? It’s there. Furniture? Got it. How about linens or unique textiles? Check. Pottery, décor or display items, art, antiquity, every kind of

collectible … check, check, check. All there. Whatever you enjoy, whatever you need, whatever you want to learn more about, it’s all there and new choices appear every month.

Over 3500 dealers. Two brightly lit, climate controlled buildings, with free bus service between them. Also, a surprisingly interesting outdoor area where I found architectural items I had never seen before, except in movies. Investment quality antiques, furniture from every era and for every style, so much to see and do, one cannot possibly take it all in during one day. Which is just fine, because the low $5 admission fee is good all weekend.

All dealers are qualified and vetted by the administration. Trustworthy and knowledgeable, many of them travel the world to select the best goods for sale. Although the trends gear towards younger people nowadays, one can still easily add to an ongoing collection or build family heirlooms with treasured surprises.

You may surprise yourself by purchasing a large piece. How will you fit it into your tiny sports car? No problem! There is a reliable and long-standing delivery service available with low, affordable rates that will take tender care of your new prize and deliver anywhere. Easy, worry-free.

Now, personally, I’m into jewelry, and the Scott Antique Market manages to be the biggest, best jewelry mecca, with the most coveted costume pieces, designer choices, diamond dealers and more! Most jewelry can be found at wholesale prices and the limitless options will keep you enthralled for hours. Jewelry appraisals, repairs, also easily available. I’m in heaven, I tell myself as I search from glittering display to sparkly showcase, one after the other!

Lest I forget to eat, the food choices surround the shopping areas. After all the great exercise and walking, you’ll be hungry and the food is delicious. I’m confident the best milkshake ever is to be found only at the Scott Show, blended with homemade custard instead of ordinary ice cream. Or maybe you’d rather have Greek food, Italian sausage, a hot dog, pretzel, breakfast, super sized slices of homemade cake? It’s all there and much more. Delicious!

Look, I confess to being a bit surprised. I thought it would be the same old show from years ago. I admit it. I was wrong. If you haven’t been to the Scott Antique Market, you are in for numerous new dealers, a glorious display of goods, great food, fantastic finds, and lots of learning experiences interacting with enlightened dealers.

Quality attracts quality. The Scott Show outlasted all the other shows and has extraordinary offerings for almost 30 years. Come visit again. You’ll be amazed. Scott Antique Market is conveniently located directly off the interstate, only 3 miles east of Atlanta Airport, I-285 at Exit 55.

3650 Jonesboro Road Southeast, Atlanta, Ga 30354. 740-569-2800

by Lori Nelson

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