Plan a Stay at Nashville’s Daisy Hill B & B

November 25, 2012 in Editorials

Daisy Hill Bed and Breakfast, currently in their thirteenth year of operation, is conveniently located in the Hillsboro West End Neighborhood near Vanderbilt and Belmont Universities. The owners, Linda and Darrell Bengson, welcome over 1,100 guests annually. They share a love of the business and enthusiastically greet new and returning guests to Nashville Tennessee, Country Music USA!

Visitors coming to Nashville come for many different reasons. Some for the music, some for healthcare or college visits and many to shop! Linda at Daisy Hill view’s her job as the concierge. Map reading, dinner reservations, offering historical facts and information on local attractions are a daily activity for Linda. Linda says, “it is my job to help our guests get the most out of their visit to Nashville”.

Over the years, Linda has developed several special breakfasts items for her guests. The most consistent is the Sunday morning Eggs Benedict. The creamy Hollandaise sauce is made from scratch with just the right amount of Tabasco sauce and egg timing is down to a science. Guests who have not previously had the opportunity to be served this delicious dish are delighted at the delicate taste of the sauce and just can’t believe that the yolk is not running all over the plate. Linda and Darrell get applause from the breakfast crowd and clean plates return to the kitchen.

Linda and Darrell make it a point to ask each guest about food likes or dislikes and about food allergies. Most dishes can be modified to accommodate a gluten-free diet or a vegetarian request. Flexibility is what makes a bed and breakfast special.

“Our guests deserve the special attention we give them”, says Linda. “We are often the first experience a guest has had of a bed and breakfast, and when they leave they are thrilled to tell our story and tell their friends what a wonderful experience they had”. Daisy Hill Bed and Breakfast was the first B&B in the country to install an electric car-charging station for their green energy-minded guests, and guests are thrilled to use the service.

Daisy Hill Bed and Breakfast welcomes you to come to visit and share the experience! You can make your reservation on line or just pick up the phone. Linda or Darrell are available to help you with your plans to visit Nashville and make your reservation. Linda and Darrell Bengson/ Innkeepers, Daisy Hill Bed and Breakfast, 2816 Blair Blvd., Nashville, TN 37212. 615-297-9795, 800-239-1135, 615-298-1482 (fax),, (e-mail)