Past Tymes Expands to Second Location

July 31, 2017 in Editorials

Wayne and Susan Flynn, owners of Past Tymes Antiques, recently expanded to store number two in downtown Loudon, Tenn. Their new store, Past Tymes on Grove Street, is located at 314 Grove St., just a block southwest of the beautiful yellow two-story that became home for Past Tymes Antiques almost two year ago. This beautiful new shop is just as cozy and has loads of primitives and antiques from the 1700 and 1800s, many you may have never seen, much less had an opportunity to make them your own.

When Wayne Flynn retired just over a year ago, he and Susan were excited to at last be able to do what they’ve worked hard full-time for years – to be able to enjoy a retirement of working at what they love. Buying, selling and collecting their favorite antiques and primitives has been something they’ve enjoyed part-time for over 25 years. They’ve had booths for many years, then opened their first store in Clinton, Tenn., and then purchased and managed Gatehouse Antique Market in Knoxville several years back. Finding the house at 306 Wharf Street in downtown Loudon and purchasing the gorgeous two-story was a dream come true. Past Tymes Antiques opened in 2015, and the historic home has been perfect for showcasing the many eclectic timeless selections they find as they travel the coast from New England to the southeastern coast to Charleston, SC.

It would be very lengthy to try to describe and list all that these two stores have waiting for you to take home and love. For those of you who remember “true” antiques and primitives, you will appreciate each and every piece, and many will flood you with memories of times with your parents or grandparents. There will be some very unique and rare pieces that you may not recall ever seeing, only reading or seeing pictures. For those of you just now looking for antiques, primitives and collectibles, don’t leave without asking Susan or Wayne to explain what an item was used for if you’re not sure even after you read the description on the tags. Hopefully after you visit and shop with both their stores, you will consider some special places in your home to showcase a few of these timeless treasures and share stories to teach your children and grandchildren a little of the history that is slowly becoming more of the past.

When you visit Past Tymes Antiques and Past Tymes on Grove Street, you’re going to find true upscale primitives and country formal antiques that were actually a part of every day life in the 1700s and 1800s. You’ll fall in love with the 1700s low-boy, or a late 1700s four-drawer cherry chest. You’ll be in awe if you’ve never seen a hutch table which leans backwards to become a bench for sitting, or you can use it for storage. The cherry demilune tables may be something that fits right in your kitchen or parlor. They have sides that can be let down and fit against the wall to give extra space when not using. Be sure to ask Wayne to show you the Kentucky biscuit cabinet or the Irish linen press. These are just a few examples of the many rare and true antique and primitives furniture pieces you’ll find at the Grove Street location.

Susan told me that when she’s picking, she loves anything for children, such as baby carriages, 1800s dolls, children’s miniature furniture and very old primitive toys. She loves quilts, and you’ll find numerous samples of different patterns in both shops, and said she has a beautiful selection of vintage linens as well. You’ll find a few pieces from early 1900 to 1920, but very few reproduction pieces, and if so, a clear description will be on the label.

Wayne loves history books such as the complete set of Abe Lincoln’s works and papers or the four-volume set of U. S. History before 1881. He hunts for small old boxes, tea caddies, lap desks, document boxes and jewelry boxes and anything made with dove tailing and intricate pieces, made without many tools using the hand labor of excellent craftsmen of that era. The salesmen back in the 1800s carried samples with them before there were catalogs, and Wayne has an eye for the sample furniture, too. They have old game boards and game tables, patriotic finds like old flags and documents. There’s just too much to list!

Wayne and Susan Flynn invite you to shop with them Wednesday- Saturday each week. They buy and sell these precious finds of America’s history, loving and enjoying each piece, than passing it on for others, hoping they too, will love, enjoy and help preserve some of America’s history. When you shop with the Flynns, tell them you read about Past Tymes & Past Tymes on Grove Street in The Busy Bee Trader.

By Maxine Jones, Ocoee, Tennessee