Paper Hoarder

March 3, 2013 in Editorials

My Mr. has a bit of a problem with paper… he sort of hoards it.

Amongst other bits and bobs of stuff.

So, I decided to raid it and find some thing to fill some frames that were old and beat up looking…but not in a good way.


So I basically painted the frames my favorite blue and distressed them as usual.

Mr. Hughes pulled these great maps the other day from vintage encyclopedias for me to line some drawers of a new desk that I was working on.  I decided that I wanted to use some since the color was perfect for the frames.

Then, I remembered how the Mr. bought these butterfly wings off of ebay a while ago… what’s that?  Your husband doesn’t buy bug wings off of ebay…hmmmm …

And then I raided a box of old letters to make a little mixed media art.

The butterfly bodies are made out of a piece of twisted jute (my stash… I have a problem with ribbons and strings!)

If you happen to want to make these yourself with the wings that your husband bought off ebay, be careful placing the wings… they are quite delicate and want to stick to you like they have static in them… use tweezers and the tiniest amount of glue.

Happy Hunting!


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