New Year’s Resolutions – the Elusive Dream?

December 29, 2016 in Editorials

For most Americans, January 1st isn’t just New Year’s Day, it is also the time when we brush off our list of New Year’s Resolutions. We look at what we had success with, the goals we fell a little short on, and then add a few new hopeful ideas to improve ourselves and our world. I am no different! A New Year’s resolution of mine that stays on my list every year is “to be more organized”. It is my Moby Dick, my unicorn. Something I am in constant search of that might just be a myth but… My store room in April’s Attic, the piles of mysterious boxes shoved in the mezzanine and the list of “really great ideas” that I never have time to do are my Moby Dick, my unicorn. Each year I make a little more progress, but it never leaves my list.

Another personal resolution is “spend more time with my husband”. Both Tom & I each have our own small business which consumes most of the hours in the day and most of the days in the week. But we are optimistic! We have transitioned from lofty goals of one day a week when we ditch work and spend the day together to more practical ones like “being in the truck together to pick up a load of wood counts as a date!” Right? But we remain optimistic and it stays on my New Year’s resolution list.

There is one resolution however, that I have had more success with over the last few years. That is “support small businesses, farmers and artisans”. The movement to shop small and support locally grown and locally made products continues to grow. But, like small plants, small animals and small ideas, it needs a lot of care to grow. When a new shop owner opens their doors, their dreams are huge and their hopes are high. Every time someone buys an item in that shop, the dream stays alive. I have committed myself over the last several years to not just giving lip service to these entrepreneurs, but also spending my money with these brave adventurers. When I hand them my money I say “thank you for making this.” “Thank you for growing this.” “Thank you for this lovely store.” Supporting these dreams make our world a better place, and deserves a permanent place on your New Year’s resolution list!

April Podnar, owner April’s Attic Vintage Store, Centerville, Tennessee