Natural Element Interiors Opens in Sweetwater

October 4, 2016 in Editorials

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to one of our newest customers, Fairy Lambert, who as recently as Sept. 1, 2016 opened Natural Element Interiors, located at 1225 Murray’s Chapel Road in Sweetwater, Tenn. Fairy told me she’s always been interested in interior design. She loves mixing the old with the new, and has always been interested in antiques. She especially loves antique and primitive furniture, garden and used farm pieces, and loves finding those things that repurposing makes more eclectic.

Fairy decided to try her hand at booths first, and after being successful, she decided the time had come to open a shop of her own. Fairy’s husband Robert Lambert had an opportunity to purchase land with a couple buildings on the property in Sweetwater. One would work perfect for his business offices; the other was perfect for Fairy. She already had a vision for her store, and Robert worked with her and contractors to finish the inside of her building and all was filled and ready Sept. 1.

Fairy Lambert is excited and ready for you to visit, and she invites you to come to her Grand Opening Celebration, Thursday, Oct. 6. She has filled Natural Element Interiors with what she feels makes up a perfect eclectic mix. She doesn’t fill a room with all old or all new. Instead, she adds something old to blend with new lamps, pillows, or even a new piece of art work. She takes different elements, be it metal, stone or rustic garden pieces, added to new garden pottery, wooden trays, or new pillows with ‘bugs’. It brings the outdoors inside, creating a warm natural setting. Fairy’s designs of mixing old with new gives you a unique style that has evolved over the years. She can’t wait to help you create your own natural element style.

Fairy’s selections of accessories and furniture fit any style from French Country, Traditional, to Modern or Contemporary. She offers some French antique furniture selections, rawhide rugs, beautiful painted wall art, and amazing metal light fixtures. Some with crystals and others in metal cage-like frames, and still others with light glowing beneath old tractor funnels that will add to a rustic décor or to what Fairy calls Mountain Modern. You’ll be delighted to find something for your personal décor no matter your taste; Fairy will be glad to give you some suggestions or help you find those perfect pieces to give you a new look or blend some new additions with your already well loved selections. You’re going to have fun shopping, and be delighted with all this wonderful new shop has to offer.

If you are thinking about a log or timber home, be sure to talk with Fairy’s husband, Robert Lambert. Robert’s business is called Natural Element Homes. They design, supply and build log and timber homes nationwide. He has a full service design department on staff, and works with multi manufacturers for their log and timber frame systems. They have a national network of builders to custom build your Natural Element Home on your own property.

You can reach Fairy at 1-800-970-2224; Like her Facebook page or visit You can reach Robert and his staff at 1-800-970-2224; like them on FB or check them out at Don’t forget to attend Fairy Lambert’s Natural Element Interiors’s Grand Opening Oct. 6 from 10 till 5.

By Maxine B Jones, Ocoee, Tennessee