Mora’s Antiques, a Clock Specialist & Two Valentines Dancing!

January 30, 2013 in Editorials

No one would have guessed an antique shop and dance lessons have anything in common, but for Freddy and Nadya Mora, it’s blend resulted in two Valentines for all times. Just a few years ago, if you visited Mora’s Antiques, you might have heard about Freddy the owner from his mother Gladys who often kept the store. She often told me Freddy wasn’t married and he worked all the time restoring furniture and antiquing, but I don’t recall anyone telling me that Freddy danced! In fact, it’s become quite well known that he dances very well. I will just call him the Fred Astaire of antiques.

Since Freddy loved antiques and dancing, I’m quite sure everyone believed that one of these places would be where he would meet his Valentine. It was after Gladys met Nadya and found she too was unattached, that she suggested this single young lady might want to take dance lessons at Luv 2 Dance Studio in Cleveland – and guess who would be teaching her to dance! Yes, antique dealer and furniture restorer for 30 years, Freddy himself! Nadya told me she canceled several appointments for dance lessons, but after several calls from Freddy rescheduling, she caved and went for the first lesson.

The love story begins there, because Nadya was totally hooked the first lesson, not just to dance, but both caught the love bug in the process. It’s no surprise a wedding was forthcoming and this year, they will celebrate their third Valentines and an anniversary shortly afterwards.

Freddy has enjoyed the hunt for rare antiques and fine furniture and continues to sell them from their store, now located at 1641 South Lee Hwy. in Cleveland. He continues to rent booth space and consignment in the new location. Nadya and her mother have treasure hunted in many antiques stores and have used the Busy Bee Trader to help them locate new stores and plan their day trips and vacations. She loves vintage Christmas ornaments and decorations. She said she prefers antique furniture and accessories and cherishes the trips they have made over the years.

She loves arranging the booths with special collections, making them warm and inviting for you to enjoy your shopping trip at Mora’s Antiques. Nadya is an Exercise Physiologists – she worked with patients who have serious health issues and need rehabilitating such as heart or spinal conditions and others. She loved working with , so working with Freddy in the store is a bonus. She enjoys working with dealers and antiques collectors as well, as assisting him at the studio. You could say St. Valentine’s arrow was a perfect shot for these two.

Mora’s has another great addition. Freddy and Nadya are thrilled to have a special dealer, Harry Hysni with them. Harry is a Horologist – a clock maker or specialist. He not only repairs and restores, but buys, sells, and trades watches, clocks, and has an eye for beautiful jewelry pieces as well. Mr. Hysni has a great collection of clocks including grandfather clocks (cherry, walnut, oak and other) cuckoo clocks, pendulum wall clocks, banjo clocks, Viennese Regulator clock, novelty and ships clocks, electric clocks made in early ‘40s and 50s, 8 and 31-day clocks, fine pocket watches and a huge variety of wrist watches and all are running beautifully. He has a couple of grandfather clocks that are over 100 years old, and a bronze statuette holding a clock; most are made in Germany or Italy. He told me that one of the rarest he’d had seen was a 200-year-old English clock that he run across several years ago, and has never had the opportunity to see another.

Mr. Hysni received his degree and certification to repair, restore, and make clocks in June 1955. He loves what he does and even after retirement, he could never stop working with clocks. He is very particular about all the time pieces he works with, whether it is just to clean or to restore and repair, and treats them all just as if they were his own. I was amazed at how quiet it was, yet all the different clocks and time pieces Harry had there were running and for sale! If your watch needs cleaning or a battery, leave it with Harry while you’re treasure hunting at Mora’s, he’ll service it and hold it while you browse.

Mora’s Antiques have some wonderful items for Valentines. The Victorian booths have loads of smalls, furniture, beds, and accessories in soft hues of pink, touches of red, and antique white. Smalls fill the cabinets, bejeweled trinket boxes and roses dress the beds and tables add accents that will make your home ready to appear in a Romantic style magazine. I loved the antique cook stove and all the red kitchen items, even Betty Boop dressed in red made another booth pop. Be sure to ask Freddy if they still have the lamps with U.S. Navy on them or you might like to take home the very old wooden wheel chair for a conversation piece. Two of my favorites were their lovely painted cabinet and the unique iron chandelier. You’ll enjoy your visit to Mora’s, located directly across the highway from Scott’s Furniture and right next door to Tasty Kake Bakery.

Freddy’s new dance classes are starting soon. They will teach several different types of ball room dancing. I asked him if he could teach someone with two left feet and he said, “Women have two right feet and men have two left so it works out great”. So for all of you that have often thought, “I’d really like to learn to dance,” now is your chance. The studio is located at 2007 King Edward Ave. in Cleveland. They often have dances and you can always bring a friend. Watch or try your own steps and if you decide you’d like to take a class, they will give you information. The fee is minimal to get in and Nadya and Freddy promise you’ll want to come back again for antiquing and the dance. If you need information, call 423-310-3912 or

By Maxine B. Jones, Ocoee, Tennessee