Kinfolk Farms – Newest Venue at Country Kinfolks

January 30, 2017 in Editorials

Country Kinfolk Marketplace and Café recently opened its newest venue, Kinfolk Farms, which consists of a large events barn located behind the marketplace. Reservations for the Kinfolk Barn can be made for your event, be it a wedding, birthday, office party, reunion, or dinner party, to name a few ideas.

Owners of these businesses are Steve and Cindy Riggs, Cindy’s parents, Vincent and Mary Ann Clayton, and Cindy’s sister, CC Keeler. They all have different jobs, but help where it’s needed most when it’s rush time. CC Keeler is the main cook. Cindy said CC prepares all the lunch menu entrees and vegetables, except for their mom’s potato salad, which Mary Ann makes. Cindy and their mother make the desserts, and Cindy and Steve’s sons, Clayton and Tyler help wait tables. Steve and his father-in-law Vincent fill orders, and they are the builders of all the custom wood orders, including those built for the store.

Country Kinfolk Marketplace opened in 2010, and it consists of booths with beautiful antiques, smalls, painted and repurposed furniture, and lots of vintage and country home décor. Steve Riggs and Vincent Clayton build custom country style furniture from unique designs of their own, as well as wonderful outdoor furniture that’s became highly sought after over the last several years.

Downstairs, you’ll find even more booths with crafts and many homemade items provided by many local artists. These artists have designed and made things that are very popular such as jewelry, clothing for infants, children and adults, signage, pottery, wood products, candles, quilts, and much more. The Marketplace is open Tuesday through Sunday 10-5 p.m.

The Kinfolk Café opened for business three years ago; its open Tuesday-Sunday from 11-2 p.m. Their fantastic menu has lots of country entrées, vegetables, and desserts, and each day’s menu is usually posted on FB and their website. Their soups, salads, homemade breads, desserts and Mother Mary Ann’s homemade potato salad are awesome. You’re invited to place orders to go as well. If you’re traveling, you’ll find it a perfect place to stop, stretch, browse and shop, and have a wonderful lunch in just one stop.

The Kinfolk’s Barn opened in September 2016, and has already booked numerous weddings for 2017. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and you may be looking for a perfect place to say your vows. Look no more, just call Cindy at 1-865-250-8733 and reserve your date. This beautiful rustic barn is decorated with wonderful lights for a very romantic atmosphere, custom built tables, and decorated to complement the occasion. Diners for receptions and more formal affairs are served with beautiful china with amazing floral bouquets to complement and accent the most beautiful events.

For Valentine’s Day, Cindy, CC, and Mary Ann are working on a wonderful dinner from 5 to 7:30 p.m. on Feb. 14. If you haven’t made plans to take your Valentine to dinner, do so today. If you are a part of a group or organization or even a family group, you can still book a group get together or dinner for two. The special entrees for this dinner will be prime rib or salmon. This will be a five-course meal and cost of $29.99 per person. Check out the website at or call 865-250-8733. Tell them you read about them in the Busy Bee Trader.

By Maxine B Jones, Ocoee, Tennessee