Kidding Around at Totty’s Bend Farm

February 28, 2016 in Editorials

A sure sign that spring is on its way is the arrival of baby goats at Totty’s Bend Farm in Hickman County. Our sweet Daisy was the first to kid this year with twin doelings  Gucci and Godiva. Gucci is special because she is the first all-white goat at the farm. After a mamma doe has her babies we give her warm molasses water and fresh hay. She will stay in a stall with her new babies for a couple of days until we are sure everyone has the hang of things. We have a new mom this year at Totty’s Bend. Windy (named for the very windy day on which she was born) came through like a champ with two boys. We are still deciding on the right names for the pair.

All of our goats at Totty’s Bend Farm are Nubians, which are striking because they are quite large, have long, wide ears and are very vocal. They come in every color combination imaginable in a goat. Nubians also produce some of the best tasting milk because it has a very high butter fat content. At the end of kidding season we should have between 6 and 12 new baby goats running around which truly makes it the “cutest” time of year! This time of year also starts the milking season on the farm, which starts when the first kids are born and runs until late fall. The fresh goat milk is the key ingredient in making our Totty’s Bend Goat Milk Soap. We make more than 30 varieties of soap by hand, in small batches at our farm. You can also find our goat milk in our lotions and shaving soaps. We sell our products online and in the Centerville Marketplace. Learn more at

By Vanessa Davis, owner Totty’s Bend Farm, Hickman Co., Tennessee

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