Historic Crittenden Home For Sale

May 24, 2015 in Editorials

The historic Crittenden home is for sale in Russellville, Kentucky. This house is a circa 1809 Greek Rivival and Federal combination. It was purchased in 1811 by John Crittenden. He and his wife, Sara Lee, lived there until 1819. Sara was a member of the illustrious Lee family, a great, great granddaughter of Richard Henry Lee.

John Jorden Crittenden had a long and successful political career. He served in the Kentucky House of Representatives, Kentucky Sectary of State, five terms as a U.S. Senator, U.S. Attorney General under three presidents and in 1848, was governor of Kentucky.

Two of his sons were born in this house. One son, Thomas, became a major general in the Union Army and the other son, George, a brigadier general in the Confederate Army.

One of Crittenden’s major accomplishments was the Crittenden Compromise which attempted to avoid Civil War.

The Crittendens were related to Thomas Jefferson and also to Zachary Taylor, both presidents of the United States.

The history of Russellville says that Lafayette spend a night at this house upon his successful return to the US in 1824.

Other families of significance to Kentucky history have also lived in the home, notably the Ewings and the Calls.

The home is a Kentucky Landmark and is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Fireplaces, floors, stairways, and doors are original. The home features high ceilings and original glass in many of the windows. It has been beautifully maintained in its historical elements. For information about this beautiful, historic home for sale, please call 765-564-2348 or 270-726-4570.

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