From Barnwood to Unique Furniture

July 31, 2017 in Editorials

As Greg Lubbock traveled from California to Ohio searching for antiques 40 years ago, the seeds of inspiration were planted. He later worked for an importer of European clocks, furniture, and home décor. His favorite piece was a serpentine tiger oak dresser with gargoyles and a beveled mirror. This early exposure to fine furniture and antiques made an impression that has now evolved into his own creations.

These days, Greg likes to take knotty pine, bird’s eye maple, and oak barnwood and create unique tables and benches. His personal favorite is a table made from wood with very visible grain and unusual saw marks that create personality. The legs are made from bodock, (aka osage orange, aka horse apple), an exceptionally hard, orange tinted wood found only in Arkansas and Tennessee. It is not just the wood that makes Greg’s creations so special. The finish he puts on the wood gives them a radiance you will be hard to find anywhere else.

What motivates Greg to create these masterpieces? Peace and relaxation. “To find a piece of wood that inspires me, and see the finished product in my mind’s eye as I imagine and plan the project, gives me great satisfaction.”

There are no special tools involved…Just the normal saws and drills and sanders found in most woodworking shops. But these tools in the hands of a skilled and imaginative craftsman can create beautiful and lasting treasures. Come to Antiques, Art & Collectibles in Shelbyville, Tenn., to see Greg’s work up close and personal.