For the Birds

May 30, 2013 in Editorials

Every spring at our home in we always have birds nesting around and sometimes in our home. When we first moved here, this always surprised me since I figured that birds preferred areas that had more trees than recently built subdivisions. This year we have had more than ever and it has made me have birds on the brain.


Bird related items have always been popular. They grace figurines and fabrics. They adorn plates and pillows. Birdcages are one of my favorite things to find and buy. They are too small for birds to live in comfortably, but they make lovely decorations and are perfect for plants and gardens. I recently stripped a twice-painted cage and stand down to its original green shade.


Bird figurines are also something that is fairly easy to find. I found one last year that I love. I am not usually drawn to figurines and collectibles, but this one just called my name. I prefer the older ones that are usually from Japan since the glazes and colors are so pretty.


It is also fun to start a little nature collection of bird nests and feathers. Nests look great under cloches. Feathers look very smart when they are framed in groups on a pretty paper like a vintage map or a marbled paper and labeled. If you aren’t the do it yourself type, you can search online for someone who has already framed them for you.


Happy Hunting!


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