Flock Swap Day at Beaty Hardware

February 28, 2017 in Editorials

Spring is not just a time for replanting, it’s a time of new birth of a lot of farm flock and stock. It’s the perfect time to introduce the little ones to the new flocks, and Beaty’s Hardware at 650 Wildwood Avenue SE in Cleveland, Tenn., will be doing just that. Saturday, April 1 will kick off their second year for Flock Swap Days. Each month, weather permitting, the first Saturday will be a special day at Beaty’s Hardware as their lower lot will fill up with chicks, ducks, pigs, goats, and rabbits. In fact, there’s sure to be a few new animals this year.

Those of you who farm big or who raise smaller flocks in your backyard are invited to set up on the first Saturday morning each month, from 8 to 12 and swap, shop, sell or trade your flock. Owners, Kenneth and Donna Malone said to come on down, even if you just want to show your new babes and prized backyard show flock.

The Malone’s kicked off this event in 2016, and hope to make it an annual monthly event from spring thru fall. Last year, the young and older alike enjoyed seeing and learning about the different flocks you can raise. Many folks are raising their own chickens for fresh eggs for their own consumption. The Malone’s said that you’ll find all across the country, many, many families are raising their own organic food or finding markets to purchase organic so that it does not contain chemicals, hormones and antibiotics.

Kenneth and Donna stock feed for all the flocks and stock. They carry mill worms, vitamins and worming for the hens, corn and grains for stock, grower food and finish for pigs; plus you’ll find shavings for bedding, as well as waterers and feeders and fencing. They have feeders and food for wild and caged birds, fish and other pets.

Spring is planting time, and Beaty’s Hardware carries all your seed, seedlings, and plants for gardening. They will have a variety of fruit trees, beautiful rose bushes and many other plants for your herb and flower gardens beds and containers. Kenneth and Donna carry lots of other items throughout the store, including household items and lawn and garden equipment and tools. They have also added some vintage décor and antiques that you will want to check out.

The Malone’s purchased their business 11 years ago, however, Kenneth has worked for Beaty’s Hardware for more than 40 years. The store is one of the oldest businesses in Cleveland that is still open. It was opened by Virgil and Willie Beaty in 1956, and when they retired, it was taken over and managed by their son and wife, Clayton and Judy Beaty, who owned and managed it until they sold it to the Malones. Their staff are all like family, most having been with Beaty’s for many years. When you shop, you’ll be assisted by Garetts, if not by the Malones; calls are answered by Wylene in bookkeeping; in the garden center, you’ll meet either Ronnie, Nathaniel, Jerry, or Jack in the store; or their special part time helper Dustin who is a special needs adult that loves to meet and help all the customers that visit.

Beaty’s Hardware hopes to be able to provide you with all your supplies for raising your flocks and gardens, and they are often able to order things they may not have available. If you would like more information on the April 1 Flock Swap Day, call their store at 423-472-7122 or 423-472-2124. Visit their Facebook page or www.beatyhardware.net or twitter @BEATYHARDWARE. There’s no charge for set up and it’s free to the public. Be sure to let them know you read about them in The Busy Bee Trader.

By Maxine B. Jones, Ocoee, Tennessee