Find it at Consign It!

August 31, 2017 in Editorials

The easiest way to describe Consign It Furniture & Home Accessories, located at 418 S, Ocoee St., downtown Cleveland, Tenn., is to quote one of the owners: “If we don’t have it, they probably haven’t made it!” When I first met this family, I found we had something in common. Evelyn Jones and I share the same last name, and after a while, it was plain to see we shared a lot more. Evelyn shared that she had been in sales most all her life selling Stanley Home Products, then Tupperware and later makeup. Her late husband James opened a furniture store, and they shared roles with her working selling on the floor most of the time. She even did her ads own TV and radio ads (following her radio ad w/a little yodeling)! Her love for meeting the public, sharing stories and selling someone something they’re really going to use and enjoy has been a part of how she has lived. No wonder after retirement, she had to start the consignment store.

Pat Hardin, Evelyn’s daughter is very much like her mother. When Evelyn opened the shop, Pat came out of retirement to help her mom. She too shared that people person trait, and was sitting at home while needing to meet and greet new faces and see friends. Wanting to accomplish a new challenge energized them both, and still today inspires them again and again when new customers walk in or repeat customers return time and again. They know they are doing something right.

In 2009, the construction market had dropped off immensely, causing many things to slow down. Since Evelyn had worked in the furniture market, she knew there was going to be a market for good used furniture. They first opened in April 2009 in the Springplace community in Cleveland, and as business grew, they moved to the present location so they could expand. Being the oldest of 12 children, 10 girls and two boys, Evelyn had a determination and drive and stays busy six days a week. She shares this trait with her daughter and son and even a nephew, who can often be found working alongside of them helping load or unload.

Evelyn and Pat, being business smart, opened as a consignment store, knowing even without a lot of capital, they could get started by selling other’s furniture and accessories. They adopted rules for accepting consignments, and today still keep the rules. First and very important, they do not accept anything with an odor such as pet odors or cigarette smoke. The items must be in good shape and working order. That’s why much of their selections are considered high end pieces. Pat said, “We accept new, old, antique, and vintage.” Over the years, she told me that many people have moved out of state and consigned entire households. They have customers that travel several states to return to purchase from them, and sometimes bring relatives that couldn’t wait to meet Evelyn and Pat and shop with them. In fact, Consignment Furniture & Accessories has been voted “Best Furniture & Consignment Shop” for the last five years through the Cleveland Daily Banner, a newspaper that goes out daily to thousands in and around the Cleveland area. Evelyn said, “We would like to say thank you to all the many customers who voted for us. We feel like they’re all friends, and we would not have been selected without them!”

There’s several reasons their store has been selected, and you’ll agree when you visit. There’s at least one (and most times several) of anything you might want to find and just ask, they know right where it is. They have beautiful bedroom sets, some beds with just dressers, and in different woods. There’s dining room furniture, nice curios such as the Henredon I took their picture beside. There’s lots of tables of many sizes and shapes and for lots of purposes. Desks, chairs of all kinds, great wood bar furniture, china cabinets and more. Accessories start at floral and greenery, to crystal candelabras of all sizes, and all kinds of smalls for décor and collectors. They’re often told they have the largest and best selection of pictures, mirrors, and lamps of any place around. Add paintings and photo art galore; floor lamps, table & desk lamps and custom made lamps. There’s lots of kitchen ware items, sofas and recliners. There’s 8,000 square feet of consignment merchandise wall to wall; too, too much to begin to list. You can call them if you’re out of town, and if they have what you want, they will email you pictures with descriptions and prices and gladly take a payment by card. They are open Monday through Saturday 10 to 5. They’d love for you to come and visit, and if you’re looking for furniture for your first apartment or starter home, they’ll have it. Best of all, you will enjoy meeting two of the nicest business ladies, and you’ll want to visit them often to check out all the new, old and vintage goodies.

By Maxine Jones, Ocoee, Tennessee