Cricklewood & Simpler Times

August 27, 2015 in Editorials

You’ll find a family affair in progress on Cumberland Street and Tennessee Avenue in Cowan! Mary and Dan Bledsoe are the owners of Simpler Times Ceramic and Crafts Center on Cumberland, and around the corner on Tennessee Avenue they share ownership of Cricklewood & Company with their daughter & son-in-law Kristina and David Britt!! But the family is about the only thing in common these diverse businesses share!

Simpler Times Ceramics and Crafts Center is a great “start to finish” place for hobbyists and others who love ceramics. The store at 100 Cumberland Street contains all anyone needs to be in ceramics – greenware, bisque, paints, accessories. Step into the workshop and you can create your own masterpiece, with a little help from Mary and her friends. At their other corner on Cumberland, Mary and Dan have thousands of vintage and newer molds and will pour greenware and fire it to your specifications. Hours are Tuesday-Saturday 10-3, but additional hours are available by request, and classes and parties can be arranged by reservation. Come on in and have some fun! Just give Mary a call at 931-703-3570 or 931-703-1998 for more info.

On Tennessee Avenue, just a little way down from Simpler Times Ceramics and Crafts Center, you’ll find the most wonderful smelling shop in Franklin County! Cricklewood & Company opened their doors at 112 Tennessee Avenue in 2013. Cricklewood & Company is the brainchild of Kristina & David, who also have a store in Cloudcroft, New Mexico. They hand design their fragrance lines with the help of their children Kallie, Jake and Rendi, using premium and natural ingredients in the making of all their products, with a wide variety of long lasting fragrances available! Their potpourri mixtures are eye pleasing and senses scintillating! For example, their sea scented potpourri includes seashells! And a fall fragrance has tiny pumpkin shapes in it! Cricklewood carries goatsmilk soaps, incense, scent beads, votives, candles, a baby line, facial line, and even the pets have a line of products!

Cricklewood & Company is open Tuesday-Saturday, from 10 to 5. Hours in the summer may vary. Stop in and hi to Helen Brown, Mary’s sister and store manager! Call 931-703-6414 or 931-703-1998 for more information!

cricklewood pic