Creative Inspiration at Bellevue’s New Vintage Market

July 31, 2016 in Editorials

Vintage Market is located in Bellevue at 7103 Highway 70 South, where the old Bellevue Antique Mall was formally located. The new mall is 6,000 square feet with 46 dealers. We wanted to be more than just an antique mall, and it is not your grandmother’s antique mall. An antique is something that is 100 years old, where vintage is something that is at least 25 years old. We find vintage is more sought after then really old antiques, and this is what inspired my daughter Katie and I to start a Vintage Market.

There is a resurgence of what is old is new again. Many young people are into vintage market bellevue 1203vintage clothing and mid century furniture. Antiques are always fun and collectable, but more and more people are turning to painted and shabby style recycled furniture. Many of the new products are made to look vintage, and have an aged look to them. I wanted to create a store that presented this, and also give many vendors a place to show their creations. We have one craftsman that makes tables from Jack Daniels Whisky barrels, and paints old windows into eye-catching wall art. We have another lady that is into textile art and has some beautiful pieces. Yet another booth in Vintage Market looks like your grandmother’s kitchen that invokes memories of days gone by when you sat at your grandmother’s table. We have a couple of dealers that can take old damaged furniture and with paint, turn it into a new beautiful piece. We also have a couple of vendors that are into vintage clothing and have a unique selection.

My husband Bill gets into the show by building furniture sometimes from old doors and beds or just from interesting scraps. Together we want to make a home for vendors that have a creative streak to display and show their skills. Katie, Bill and I are dedicated to making Vintage Market an interesting, whimsical and fun place to shop. We want a place where you can decorate your home with unique pieces and make your home as individual as you are. We carry handmade jewelry, as well as vintage jewelry. Many of our dealers have tons of gifts ideas from candles to unique pieces bought all over the world. Please come see us and meet my daughter and I, and maybe my husband who is at the counter a few days a week, so Katie and I can still get out and hunt for our hidden treasures.

by Sheila Wade