Cones Cupboard Antiques

November 19, 2017 in Editorials

Cones Cupboard Antiques
Sweetwater’s Oldest Downtown Shop

Cones Cupboard Antiques is the longest open antique shop in Sweetwater, Tenn. Owner Peggy Cones has been enjoying sharing her knowledge of antiques and vintage merchandise since she fell in love with them as a young girl. She gives credit to her mother for her love for the many antique and vintage things such as furniture, glassware, china, silver, and collectibles, in which she is always on the look out to find.

Peggy enjoys hunting for her store and knows at first glance if it has a piece has history. She treasures the look on a customer’s face when they find something in her shop that they’ve never seen before or they’ve searched many stores in many states to find, and here it is at Cones Cupboard! It’s just a small bit of the enjoyment when you are one of the best treasure hunters out there.

Cones Cupboard is known for its eclectic mix of many things from different eras. You’ll find a lot of quilts, some dating to the early 1800s, all the way to early and mid 1900s, hand stitched of beautiful patterns, many rare to find in today’s antique market. Peggy loves beautiful linens, and always has a fine selection on hand. Her selection of antique baby gowns and antique christening gowns are a prize to find and use even today. The dolls you find at this cozy shop will not be your latest for child play, but the vintage and antique specimens from times of the past, often made of materials that make them very fragile and too delicate for play, but perfect and amazing to add to your collection.

The furniture you find at Cones Cupboard is quality well-finished selections of antique chests, china cabinets, credenzas, desks, tables, corner cupboards, and rare finds that you’ll not likely to see just any place. You’ll love the glassware and fine silver selections, and the amazing and beautiful sets of china you’ll discover while browsing. They’re perfect to dress up your table for your Christmas dinner and other special occasions.

Some of my favorite finds at Cones Cupboard are the miniature toys, tea sets, tables, desks and other toy selections she discovers in her travels. She always has wonderful old story books that are treasures in today’s time, with modern times wanting to go paperless. Let’s keep dealers like Peggy Cones continuing to look for them by buying and collecting them so our grand and great grandchildren will be able to read some of those we loved.

Peggy Cones invites you to visit her cozy shop of treasures and browse to your heart’s content. I’ve heard she has her favorite candy canes in stock too. She carries Howard’s products for restoring those wonderful antique furniture selections and Candleberry Candles make perfect gifts, just to name a few of her gift items ready for Christmas. Peggy is open Tuesday through Saturday 11 to 5. Cones Cupboard Antiques is located at 307 N Main Street, located between Sweetwater Antiques and Pennington Home. Look for her ad information in the Historic Downtown Sweetwater ad in The Busy Bee Trader.

By Maxine Jones, Ocoee, Tennessee