Burrville Antiques Celebrates 17 Years

June 23, 2017 in Editorials

July will begin 18 years for Burrville Antiques located at 355 Market Street in Clinton, Tenn. Owners Don and Donna Raines purchased their first building in downtown Clinton in 2000 when there were only two antique malls and two antique shops. Don told me, “I remember walking in the building the first day, it was raining heavily and there was a “waterfall” running down the wall. The next day we pulled up some old carpet from the floor and the sub-floor also came up with it.” Even though the start wasn’t very inspiring, the Raines didn’t let it stop them. Not only did they finish and name their shop Burrville (for the original name of Clinton) and opened for business the week of July 4th, the next year they purchased the building next door, renovated and leased it for another antique shop.
Over the years since that first remodeling project, Don and Donna have purchased a total of 10 buildings; (Donna says her husband was going through his midlife crisis), they also moved the Burrville shop into several of them. They’ve been in their present location for 10 years. This building was the original Wender’s Dry Goods Store, a bakery, then a Christian book store from 1957 to 2007 when the Raines opened their antiques shop.

Burrville has evolved with the market, and as trends changed, they added interior accents, candles and pillows. They carry metal art, wood signage such as farm and barn décor, antique furniture and accessories, and much more.
Don and Donna have loved and enjoyed being a part of the rebirth of downtown Clinton. They didn’t stop with their building renovation and putting new businesses in them. They participate in the downtown business planning and promote and encourage more people to come to Clinton. They take part in events in the downtown and help to encourage and inspire new businesses and to bring in retail business to the area. Since the year 2000, the downtown has gone from four antique businesses to more than 30 businesses along Market, Main and Shipe Streets. According to Foder’s Travel, Clinton, Tennessee is now a “Top Ten” antique destination in the United States. All the business owners and merchants in Clinton deserve a big congratulations for all the work they’ve done to put their town in the limelight across the U. S.

Be sure to stop in and wish the Raines “Happy Anniversary” in July, and be sure to browse and enjoy their cozy shop. Let Don and Donna know how much you enjoy Burrville Antiques and while in Clinton, spend the day visiting and shopping at one of the friendliest antique shopping districts in America. They love to know where and how far away you traveled from, so be sure to sign their register so they’ll know. Be sure to tell them you heard about them in The Busy Bee Trader.

By Maxine Jones, Ocoee, Tennessee