March 31, 2013 in Editorials

One of the first things I do in the Spring is infuse some greenery and flowers inside before they are even blooming outdoors. And, since I am practically a plant’s worst nightmare, an easy way to do it is with botanicals.

My very favorite botanicals are actual pressed flowers and leaves. These specimens are usually hard to find or very expensive or both. They are quite fragile and require special care when framing. They look lovely in a grid of matching frames.

I also love finding plates from books of wildflowers and other plant life. The colors are so cheerful and are fun to mix and match. These also look great grouped together. I have even lined drawers with some smaller, more current book pages with botanicals on them.

One of my favorite online finds was a pretty large German botanical chart. It has lovely colors! Since it was delicate around the folds, I mounted it on some canvas to give it a bit of protection. There are lots of reproduction charts floating around, so be careful if you have your heart set on an authentic chart.

Happy Hunting!

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