Beaty Hardware Is Ready for Gardeners

March 29, 2016 in Editorials

Spring is here and folks are already planting gardens and replanting their flower beds and borders. If you’re trying to figure out what to plant, when to plant it, and all about its growing season, it’s important to be well informed, especially if this is your first garden. If you want vegetables, you have to decide which you’ll use – seeds or plants. There’s a lot of information to gather before planting and harvesting.

If you’re trying to figure it out, save time by seeking out a hometown hardware and farm supply store. In Cleveland, Tenn., you just drive to Beaty Hardware located at 650 Wildwood Ave. The owners, Kenneth and Donna Malone and their staff are always willing to work with you when it concerns planning your garden space and what you want to raise in it. If you want to start your plants from seeds, Beaty’s has a huge selection, and many varieties of vegetables. If you have young plants such as tomatoes, cucumber and squash, you need information on how to plant. Should you dig and form a hill or sow seeds, how far apart to plant, and how many in a row or hill. These are just a few of the questions you’ll begin to ask yourself. You will also need to know how much water and fertilizer to use, and whether to plant in direct or indirect sunlight. The type of soil you use has a lot to do with growth as well.

Beaty Hardware is filled with seeds, vegetable cuttings, potting soil, fertilizer, plant boosters, insect propellants’, sprays, gardening tools and much, much more. Beaty’s have a well known and experienced gardener to come and teach classes from time to time on different types of gardens. He shares his knowledge on the difference between foot gardening, square gardening, container and small area gardening. If you like their FaceBook page, they will share their posts, including dates for classes, sales, early plant arrival, etc.

In March and April, Beaty Hardware always has something every child loves to receive. Their furry and feathered friends arrive just in time for spring. The store cat doesn’t pay too much attention to the baby chicks or bunnies, but they keep them protected all the same.

The strawberry plants, potato and onion slips are available, as well as those beautiful, fragrant roses, hydrangeas and variety of flowering annuals and bushes that Kenneth always orders. I have purchased several of their rose bushes and clematis plants, and have been very happy with the endless summer blooms. They have a very nice selection of bulbs for beds in spring or fall. Ask them for a planting chart for vegetables and flowers to help you plan ahead. 

Kenneth always stocks a good selection of gardening tools, as well as netting or fencing to keep out critters that like to munch on your plants just as they are getting a healthy start. Check out their garden equipment, chain saws and sharpeners. They have copier available glass cutting, kerosene refill, propane tanks, key and pipe cutting & threading. They have animal health supplies, and much more. Kenneth keeps on hand lots of farm stock feed, bird feeders and seeds for birds, and corn for squirrels. Kenneth and Donna Malone are proud to carry the Case knives and even some riding toys, and kitchen wares and necessities. There’s lots to list, so its much better that you stop and shop and enjoy.

by Maxine Jones, Ocoee, Tennessee

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