Antiques & Primitives at Country Traditions

March 29, 2016 in Editorials

It’s been just over five years since Donna Thomas began to live her dream of opening an antiques shop in a small town. Donna had a name rolling around in her head for some time. Once she found the perfect place located on the corner of Main Street in Ardmore, Ala., she settled in and made it home for Country Traditions.

For the first year, Donna Thomas’s treasure hunt was for antiques. She bought and sold lots of her favorites. By her first anniversary, her love of antiques had led her to primitives and Donna was in love all over again! She told us age distinguishes antiques from primitives. “Antiques were built at least a hundred years ago.” Donna said. “However, primitives were built by hand and were a part of our early American history.” Donna said, “Antiques and primitives are small pieces of history that anyone can own. The home’s interiors brought you back to an American beginning.” She stated, “Imagine what your guests would say if that historic home was yours!” Furnish your home with selections from Country Traditions, and in years to come, yours will be that historic home of earlier generations.

Once Donna Thomas merged her love for antiques with primitives, it’s been an amazing adventure, taking her many places, both in and out of state. She loves the hunt and even more, loves to stage them in her shop, Country Traditions, located at 26636 Main St. To Donna, it’s like enjoying a day at home, even while she’s decorating and placing her fine antiques and primitives in special nooks and on shelves and walls throughout her shop.

Donna has added some very unique and special accessories that she calls “decorating necessities’ and gift items to her store. You’ll find a good selection of Town & Country Furniture and Lancer Upholstered chairs, settees and sofas. She also has Windsor Chairs and Tin Lights.  Dress up any primitive with those special pottery pieces, textiles, candles lighting, braided rugs and crocks and you can travel back to an early American time right there in your own home. 

Donna Thomas and her family invite you to visit Country Traditions. Be sure to register while you are there in April and early May for two $50.00 gift cards that will be drawn Mother’s Day weekend. You’ll find some excellent gifts for that special mom while there. Ardmore, Ala., is nestled right across from its sister city, Ardmore, Tenn, and it runs along the Old Hwy 53 and the CSX Railroad. A small town of just over 1,200, it is well known for its friendliness and family values. You’ll find Donna’s shop is just off Hwy 53, on Main Street.

By Maxine Jones, Ocoee, Tennessee

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