A Girly Army Blanket

June 29, 2013 in Editorials

I love army blankets!  These thin, wool blankets are perfect for picnics and cuddling up outside on a cold night.  And, they are pretty durable if you keep them out of moths’ reach.  I currently have 3 and am always on the lookout for more.  I love the tweedy, masculine look of them, but sometimes you need to feminize something.   The Mr. recently bought me the olive green one and I decided it needed something to adorn it since it didn’t have any stripes.


I had been hoarding the last of this Amy Butler fabric (Lacework in Grey, I think.)  I love the doily like shapes of it.  I ironed on an interfacing to give it a little more body as I cut out the lacy shapes.  It made it much easier and didn’t fray as I cut it out like paper.  I had thought about hand stitching it into place, but I wanted a little instant gratification and used the machine and roughly followed the outline of the shapes.


Then, I simply washed and dried it (the blanket had previously been washed and dried, so it didn’t shrink.)   These blankets are not usually 100% wool and if they are you usually find them already felted.  The lacey designs have an almost quilted look now and the edges curl up just a bit.


It is too hot now to cuddle up with this blanket, but I think it will be perfect come fall.  And, if I ever tire of the look, I can grab my trusty seam ripper and rip the stitches and the blanket will be just the same.

Happy Hunting!


Michelle Hughes custom paints furniture and finds in her workshop in Spring Hill. She blogs at www.vintagejunky.blogspot.com

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