Christmas Brooches

November 28, 2013 in Editorials

With the largest Christmas brooch collection in Scott’s Antique Market in Atlanta, people are often found in my booth hovering over the cases, reminiscing of years past. Some will say, “My grandmother had this one,… I wonder what happened to it”, or “My mother gave this one to me while I was in high school.” One man buys a Christmas brooch each month for his wife, since she has been free from cancer. Another man carefully and tenderly selects Christmas tree pins, with which he makes vignettes, in memory of his mother, who collected them. The woman with the largest collection of Christmas brooches I’ve ever encountered, had over 600 pieces!

Albert Weiss (pronounced like rice), who worked for Coro in 1930s, started his own company in 1942 in New York City, and his son Michael took over the company in 1960s. The company dissolved in 1971. Weiss was the first company to produce Christmas tree brooches and the original design was copied by Warner and Eisenberg.

When wearing Christmas brooches, consider arranging them in a grouping, presenting a story. Using a tree, snowman, snowflake, reindeer, Santa, sleigh or a star, several pieces can be combined for an interesting display. Men can wear them on ties, sweaters and scarves. To view and ENJOY your collection all year long, attach them to a bell pull, or pinned in a padded picture frame. May you have a blessed Christmas!

By Patti Wheeler

christmas Brooches